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  • eCommerce in India will grown by 37% in 2015 – Report by

    India's leading eCommerce consultancy company has projected 37% growth of eCommerce retail business in India for the year 2015. The company which is consulting more than 1750+ project with group of 45+ industries top most consultant., a leader in eCommerce consultancy in Asia, today reported its official released forecast for the FY 2015-16. The CMO Mukta Sharma said the current FY will be the year of online retail spending in India with an average growth of 37% YoY. The reported forecast the growth in the month of April, July, October, and November will be higher than average growth. Spending using desktop computers for that period will increase by 23% whereas the spending from mobile device will increase by 51% in FY 2015.The report also mentioned the year 2015-16 will be the year for startups and new projects, company advice that it is the right time to start a new project and the market has huge opportunity, the CMO advises new entrepreneurs to plan the project with long term vision, select potential category, build robust technology and fool proof marketing planning. Mr. Nitin Lodha, a senior consultant who is also an angel investor said the new project needs to more ...

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  • How to Start a Successful eCommerce Business in India– Part 2

    As per latest research conduct by's R&D department said that 87% of Indian internet customer would perform some sort of research and finding on products online before shopping. Indian internet users prefer online shopping because they can easily research and compare products, read reviews and able to find best deal very easily. If you wish to start a successful eCommerce business for Indian internet users, you need to educate yourself about all of the necessary steps you need to take to start an online business or the best you can hire an eCommerce consultant before starting business for actual knowledge about business. Step 1 : Market Research . Market research on your product category, demand, supply and competitors. Market research and business plan are the critical steps before starting any ecommerce business. Depend on product category, market demand, growth and feasibility for product category. If your product is a popular product with a huge demands, it requires different marketing plan other-than if your product category is unique or new for Indian eCommerce then you need completely different marketing strategy. You have consider each scenario of market; however, Chitrangana has a India's best market research consultant who can help you ...

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  • eCommerce Logistics Challenge and Solution : The ultimate eCommerce overview

    Every shop owners focus on their products and their presentation to grow business, But great product and a visually appealing online shop are not sufficient to ensure sustainable success. If you want to keep customers satisfied, logistics and fulfillment should not be neglected. Say: The goods should arrive quickly and reliably with the customer. In this article we give a comprehensive overview of software, logistics companies and service providers or really serious about your eCommerce business success talk to our consultant and feel the difference.Logistics and fulfillment as eCommerce success factors A customer will certainly think twice if he re-ordered in a shop whose product has arrived with delay or damaged. In addition, the tracking in the sense of playing "When was my order shipped?" And "Where is it right now?" An important role. Online stores always benefit from working with a logistics provider and its systems. A functioning logistics and all aspects of fulfillment are for keeping customers is of great importance. An appealing design of an online store is similar to a well-decorated shop window of a normal business. Following this analogy, then the functioning logistics and a good fulfillment in an online store that makes ...

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  • Start eCommerce Business In India

    Due to big advantages of electronic commerce ( e-Commerce ), many people are asking to start own eCommerce business. But how to start? What steps should I take? As objective of this topic is to guide new traders on the steps to take to start your own business. Following all this are easy step you should need to workout for an successful eCommerce project, You may also hire an eCommerce Consultancy from for successful setup, efficient and robust planning of your business : Step 1 : Clearly define your business objectives  and Hire eCommerce Consultant In this step correctly defined what you wanted to sell . Remember that no one can sell "everything", you must have a line of products defined, obviously if you already have a traditional business this subject will be much easier. This step also defines the scope of your business, from local to international, depending on the product to sell, shipping costs. You should also hire a good eCommerce consultant to prepare business, technology, marketing and business working planning for you, offer variety of eCommerce consultation services for that you can email us your requirement at  [email protected] with your contact number.

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  • Won Awards at Asian eCommerce Conference

    India's Leading eCommerce Consultant, Mr. Nitin Lodha from, was second best Asian online store consultant, and Nitin received the jury's special prize in Asian competition on cross-border eCommerce. Tuesday evening was another triumph for the Indian eCommerce. At the international eCommerce conference "Global E-Commerce Summit" downloaded Nitin Lodha second place and silver in the competition between national eCommerce award winners in Asia. For many Indian participants at the conference were given evening yet a festive climax when Nitin got the Jury Special Prize in the category "Cross-Border shop setup." received the award for uncompromising and merchant-oriented approach to establish successful eCommerce business and consultation, including expansion plans of already launched eCommerce projects.

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  • eCommerce and Retail Business

    eCommerce has become an most accepted and trusted method of retailing goods and services in today’s business sector. Retail eCommerce stands to buying and selling of goods, product, or services via internet or WWW ; the “e” for electronic and “commerce” referring to the exchange of goods and services. Now days, eCommerce is a most popular, less expensive and profitable channel for selling product and services, Individuals from Tier- A, B cities using the Internet to meet their purchasing needs and save time, and People from Tier- C,D cities using the internet to buy products those are not available in their cities. Recently study shows companies, business house and corporate are also using eCommerce to full fill their office and employee needs. Consumer are buying almost anything online, e-Commerce making it easy to showcase product, select consumer requirement and deliver product to customer end.Benefits of eCommerce eCommerce can benefit a business in numerous ways. Making successful eCommerce business will involve many factors including Accessibility, Simplicity and Functionality. A tailored eCommerce solution will ensure your online business is:Reliable Functional User Friendly Adaptable ScalableTo get success in online marketing, a eCommerce website must rank good ...

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