How to Start a Successful eCommerce Business in India– Part 2

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As per latest research conduct by’s R&D department said that 87% of Indian internet customer would perform some sort of research and finding on products online before shopping. Indian internet users prefer online shopping because they can easily research and compare products, read reviews and able to find best deal very easily.

If you wish to start a successful eCommerce business for Indian internet users, you need to educate yourself about all of the necessary steps you need to take to start an online business or the best you can hire an eCommerce consultant before starting business for actual knowledge about business.

Step 1 : Market Research .

Market research on your product category, demand, supply and competitors.
Market research and business plan are the critical steps before starting any ecommerce business. Depend on product category, market demand, growth and feasibility for product category. If your product is a popular product with a huge demands, it requires different marketing plan other-than if your product category is unique or new for Indian eCommerce then you need completely different marketing strategy. You have consider each scenario of market; however, Chitrangana has a India’s best market research consultant who can help you find best product category, business plan and strategy. Click Here to Contact Us

Step 2 : Customize eCommerce Web Site and Technology Design.

To develop and design an successful eCommerce web site get a creative designers and concept maker consultant with background experience in offline retail, technology,branding, concept marketing, usability, customer behavior and at last they must have at least experience of 100+ successful projects. It is very important to design a customize site, customize feature with best technology operation . This will create a base where your visitors will remember your site and would refer to others. The design and interface of site is key element to convert a site visitor into customer or a referral.

Step 3 : Easy Check-Out/ Buying Process According to Customer not you .

Develop a user friendly and easy ecommerce shopping cart with help of an experienced eCommerce consultant.
A well developed shopping cart will make easy for eCommerce user to purchase online, In Indian 52% online shopper are not tech savvy so you have to design your business very easily according to non-tech savvy visitors. Designing simple checkout or buying process will make the it easy buyer and site owner also to start selling products right away without any complication. The shopping cart should have capability to:

  • Easy, fully managed online store and shopping cart pages.
  • Well structured product data, description, SEO data, and specifications.
  • Organized product categories so your customers can easily navigate and find a product.
  • Full managed, highly advanced SEO management system for best SEO optimization.
  • Ability to display related items for up selling to your customers.
  • Capability to email marketing, monthly coupons or newsletters according to customer past interest.
  • TRUE site statistics reporting to help you analyze your traffic and make future advertising or marketing decisions, not free google analytic
  • Best Helpful phone support – for order status, customer inquiry and complaints.

Stay away from companies those are fresher web developer or freelance, people offering solution in very low cost. eCommerce development is completely different from normal web development. Ask agency for their 10 successful project those having at leas 500+ order every day.

Step 4 : Working, True Payment gateway.

Once customers press the “Pay” button, your site would connect with various payment gateway, banks and payment association program, transfer the payment information securely to the payment gateway server, then the payment gateway server, would send the payment information securely to the merchant bank, then the merchant bank would verify the customer and payment collect-ability with Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/Discover and would respond with the approval status back to the payment gateway and in turn back to your website server.
During this transaction you have to take care immense security vulnerabilities and protection of customer data.

Step 5 : Start marketing and advertising.

Now after site design, your eCommerce project is live and functioning smoothly, your items are properly entered and comprehensively described, you are ready to advertise and market your site.

You can start by submitting your site to major directories and secondary specialized directories in your industry/business category. Also, learn, research and dedicate some time, money and effort in keywords and sponsored search advertising.

Marketing and advertising would play a big part in the success of your ecommerce business. To benefit from your ecommerce site, at minimum, you need to do some keyword and directory advertising. Every business situation requires a different marketing game-plan and advertising methods.

A good eCommerce consultant will analyze your industry, competitors, audiences, business environment and would prepare the best marketing strategy require to your business.’s consultants has proven experienced to establish more than 1500+ project and providing marketing strategies to its clients for the past ten years and can help you with your marketing and advertising needs. is India’s No.1 eCommerce consultancy and solution provider company, All of our consultants are highly experienced, we won most of International award for best eCommerce consultancy in India every year. Our consultants are powering more than 1500+ eCommerce projects in India, UK, Australia. All are our consultants are trained classically with heavy knowledge of Retail Business, Internet Marketing, Technology, Internet Security and Business Management. We will provide you eCommerce knowledge, consultation, solution for technology, marketing and many more.

Our eCommerce researches and reports are recognize, accept by various international forum every year, and most of corporate use of research and strategy for business decisions.
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