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Start eCommerce Business In India

Due to big advantages of electronic commerce ( e-Commerce ), many people are asking to start own eCommerce business. But how to start? What steps should I take? As objective of this topic is to guide new traders on the steps to take to start your own business.

Following all this are easy step you should need to workout for an successful eCommerce project, You may also hire an eCommerce Consultancy from for successful setup, efficient and robust planning of your business :

Step 1 : Clearly define your business objectives  and Hire eCommerce Consultant

In this step correctly defined what you wanted to sell . Remember that no one can sell “everything”, you must have a line of products defined, obviously if you already have a traditional business this subject will be much easier. This step also defines the scope of your business, from local to international, depending on the product to sell, shipping costs. You should also hire a good eCommerce consultant to prepare business, technology, marketing and business working planning for you, offer variety of eCommerce consultation services for that you can email us your requirement at  [email protected] with your contact number. Click Here to Contact Us

Step 2 : Make a thorough analysis of the market that needs to penetrate .

It is very important to make a good analysis of electronic market where it will join. Make this analysis depending on the objectives above, there are basic questions like what other companies sell the product to go to market? What are your prices and suppliers? What are the main advantages and disadvantages before me? It is well made ​​that this step will determine the success of the business, and you will see the reality of competition. You will need to make business decisions as possible change of suppliers, shipping company or simply not start the business.

Step 3 : Rethinking goals .

Now in this step you know the competition, so you should rethink, their initial goals , you may have planned a local and national or vice versa can be accommodated. You may have decided to change a product to market. At this point you can select from marketing approaches with which you will work.

Step 4 : Examine the current regulations .

You should never start a business without knowing the laws that govern them, you can ask for support from an agency, however in the following link you will find all the European and Spanish laws that define this process. Also you must register as a cyber-trader.

Step 5 : Optimizing logistical mechanisms .

Do not trust the logistical mechanisms must seek or possess, meticulously chooses the supplier of your products, the package delivery company, and everything related to logistics assurance. Of these also depend on the success of your company.

Step 6 : Select payment method and financial elements .

Ideally, you can receive payments on-line, even if you think it is easy because it is not, you should go to your bank and contract the service and see the conditions that these place. There are other means of payment such as bank deposits, cash on delivery, cash before delivery, it is important you to contact your bank and see the different options.

Step 7 : Start making your online store .

Select the team you will work to make your store. Hire your domain and hosting . Create technological conditions for future store.

Step 8 : Define elements of advertising, marketing and customer loyalty .

These elements are not unique to the electronic world, works similar to traditional trade, you make propaganda for users to come to your store, you must take good care and make them stay with you and they tell their friends there.

For this there are dissimilar methods and means, we recommend that you study several of these offers and to apply it to your store, give all the computing elements that build it, they will know to do to develop what you ask. Note deals online and advertising companies use viral marketing can be very effective. Always have your list in store promotions, gifts and other items to give customers and make you feel at ease.

Step 9 : Hire qualified for the tasks they generate .

According to your needs hire more staff prepared, know they are the basis for success.

Step 10 : Publish an online store .

Nothing if you followed all the steps proposed, and you have your list and shop for the same assurances. Be sure to give good publicity, you will see very little benefit.

Following these basic steps you can start an e-business, it is important you check every detail of the above. In our next article we will discuss existing solutions for mounting electronic stores and then we will stop in detail on each of these. is India’s No.1 eCommerce consultancy and solution provider company, we having highly expert qualified eCommerce consultants to setup an eCommerce project. Our consultants are powering more than 1500+ eCommerce projects in India, UK, Australia since 5 years. All are our consultants are trained with heavy knowledge of Retail Business, Internet Marketing, Technology, Internet Security and Business Management. We will provide you eCommerce knowledge, consultation, solution for technology, marketing and many more. Know More

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