About Us

About Us

About Chitrangana – India’s Leading Consulting Company

Chitrangana® is an eCommerce and technology consultancy company working with its clients to drive growth and innovation through the best use of digital channels. Chitrangana’s mission is to help its customers achieve excellence in digital business, marketing and eCommerce through expert research, planning and implementation.

We have over 16+ years of experience across the UK, India, and USA for the broad range of product and services categories. Our innovative approach is focused on creating demand-driven, truly problem-solving solutions.

Chitrangana® founded in 1989 by Ashok Kumar. We have presence in India, United Kingdom and Singapore.

Chitrangana.com is trusted by more than 1850 companies for successful eCommerce consultation, planning, execution and implementation. eCommerce industry across the globe have adopted and recognized our research, practices and best practise guides. Our expert consultants and coaches are continuously working to make eCommerce industry better and friendly every day.

Backed by one of the most successful privately-owned consulting groups in India and Europe, our consultants have built a reputation on not only being best in class in their particular sphere but have grown their capital on a base of knowledge, customer service and relationships.

Chitrangana’s has 62+ highly experienced consultants from all over the world.

We build hundreds of new eCommerce startups every year, as well we are powering thousands of ongoing eCommerce project for various product and service business categories- This kind of experience is exclusive to us and it makes us milestone of success for any eCommerce business.

As a leading consulting company, we can access a broad range of international markets experience. We work as a companion with our clients to think of lateral ways of assessing needs and where we can apply our potential experience an ever-competitive world. We ensure continuous research and innovation with active strategies and modern technology learning abilities to provide the best planning and project implementation.

Chitrangana® operates its professional practices in a service-led, professional manner and is an active member of the following organization:

  • Institute of Directors (IoD) : We are pleased to support the Young Directors Forum
  • Institute of Business Consulting : We are a Fellow of the Institute, Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and operate to the Institute’s Code of Professional Practice.
  • Association of Proposal Management Professionals : We are the active Member of the Association of Project Management Professionals..

We are also a Member for the CMC qualification to support other emerging consultants and to develop open-source practices for industry excellence. The CMC is the highest accolade available to professional consultants. It is the endorsement of a competent, confident and credible consultant.

We have client portfolio of every size and scale. Ranging from the turnover US$1 Million to US$70 Million and for few of our European client the turnover exceed US$125 million too.

Why We Are Different

We are the multinational firm having global experience with local expertise approach. Our consultants are expert in omnichannel implementation of any business idea. Our consultants are getting updated every day and always discover new successful innovation.

We actively invest in our consultant’s knowledge up-gradation, research and new learning. Recently all of our consultants have completed the highest level of training for AI, Data Security, Big Data and AI Business Applications. We do discoveries at our cost and then apply for a real world solution.  We are ambitious for every business idea and project, we dream big and vision long.  Above all, we have a “get things done with ethics and WOW” attitude.

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