About Us

About Us

Leading Internet Business Consulting Firm

Chitrangana is a leading eCommerce and technology consulting firm with a global presence, helping businesses achieve excellence in digital business, marketing, and eCommerce through expert research, planning, and implementation. With over 18 years of experience across the UK, India, and the USA, we have a strong track record of providing innovative solutions to a wide range of product and service categories.

Our team of expert consultants and coaches is dedicated to driving growth and innovation for our clients, utilizing the latest industry trends and technologies to deliver demand-driven, truly problem-solving solutions. As a result, we have gained the trust of over 1850 companies and have become a recognized leader in the eCommerce industry.

Backed by one of the most successful privately-owned consulting groups in India and Europe, our consultants have built a reputation on not only being best in class in their particular sphere but have grown their capital on a base of knowledge, customer service and relationships.

At Chitrangana, we believe that taking bold steps and embracing the courage to adapt are key to defining the future. We are committed to doing the right thing, even when it isn’t easy, and we seek out clients and partners who share this same ambition to be exceptional.

Our True North is our unwavering commitment to always do the right thing by our clients, our people, and our communities. Our mission is to help our clients create such high levels of value that together, we set new standards of excellence in our respective industries.

We have a passion for results that are aligned with our clients’ success and are committed to the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards in everything we do. We are known for our deep intellectual honesty and our candor in straightforward language, and we remain open to the possibility that our current beliefs could be wrong.

At Chitrangana, we believe in combining bold thinking with a practical approach that focuses on getting the job done, turning decisions into action, and delivering results. We work as one global team, both with each other and with our clients, to direct our collective energy towards achieving the extraordinary.

Our approach to major change efforts is designed to help our clients overcome the odds and achieve their goals. More than 80% of major change efforts fall short, but our approach helps clients predict, measure, and manage the risk associated with change from day one, providing a proven method to structure, orchestrate, and enable the changes necessary to achieve a competitive advantage.

In addition to our professional practices, Chitrangana is an active member of several prominent organizations, including the Institute of Directors, the Institute of Business Consulting, and the Association of Proposal Management Professionals. We are also a member of the CMC qualification, supporting the development of emerging consultants and promoting industry excellence through open-source practices.

  • Institute of Directors (IoD): We are pleased to support the Young Directors Forum
  • Institute of Business Consulting: We are a Fellow of the Institute, Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and operate to the Institute’s Code of Professional Practice.
  • Association of Proposal Management Professionals: We are an active Member of the Association of Project Management Professionals.

We build hundreds of new eCommerce startups every year, as well we are powering thousands of ongoing eCommerce project for various product and service business categories- This kind of experience is exclusive to us and it makes us milestone of success for any eCommerce business.

As a leading consulting company, we can access a broad range of international markets experience. We work as a companion with our clients to think of lateral ways of assessing needs and where we can apply our potential experience an ever-competitive world. We ensure continuous research and innovation with active strategies and modern technology learning abilities to provide the best planning and project implementation.

Our client portfolio includes businesses of all sizes, ranging from those with a turnover of $1 million to those with a turnover exceeding $125 million. As a trusted partner, we work closely with our clients to create tailored strategies that meet their specific needs and help them achieve their business goals through digital channels.

Why We Are Different

At Chitrangana, we pride ourselves on being a multinational firm with a global perspective and local expertise. Our team of consultants is highly skilled in omnichannel implementation and is constantly updating their knowledge and staying on top of the latest innovations in the industry.

In addition to being dedicated to staying current, we actively invest in our consultants’ professional development, including research and advanced training. Recently, our consultants have completed high-level training in AI, data security, big data, and AI business applications, ensuring that they are well-equipped to tackle the challenges and opportunities of today’s digital landscape.

Our team is ambitious and forward-thinking, always striving to dream big and vision long for each business idea and project. We are committed to delivering results with a focus on ethics and a “wow” attitude, and we take pride in our ability to “get things done.” If you’re looking for a consulting partner that can bring fresh insights and a results-driven approach to your business, look no further than Chitrangana.

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