Business Planning

Business Planning

Many business plans are written solely to secure external funding. A good business plan will, however, do much more and should provide a strong platform for your business – often (and we recommend) without being a massively detailed document.

Why should I have a business plan?

A good business plan will:

  • Provide a clear view of your business purpose and enable this to be communicated to partners and staff
  • Predict future impacts and contain actions to ensure they do not threaten your business
  • Set clear targets and objectives so that business performance can be monitored
  • Set out where you want to be in the future and how you will get there.

Chitrangana® Business consultants support you to put strong plans in place, achieve financial goals and address critical resource requirements in the planning process.

We work with clients to help them plan and in most cases write the plan up following delivery of Business Development Workshops (BDWs) held with senior members of your team.

What will our business plan look like?

Typically, business plans will cover:

  • The market your business operates or plans to operate within
  • Target client base
  • An analysis of competitors
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing plan
  • Business risks
  • Sales targets and objectives
  • Operational requirements
  • Financial requirements and forecasts

Business plans are written in practical, usable language and designed for easy, regular review to ensure that performance stays on track. In many cases, they will incorporate key deliverables, milestones and targets aligned to operating budgets.

Plans are written both for internal use and to secure finance.

Here’s some feedback from clients on our business plan writing service:

“Chitrangana Business Consulting has really helped our organisation move forward in what has been an incredibly difficult market. Their consultant was extremely professional and personable and his hands on style was greatly appreciated by our whole team. It has been just three months since our Business Planning Workshop and we are already beginning to see significant positive changes taking place in our business.” Eyefortravel Ltd

“I am writing to express my deepest gratitude to you and your Associates for the excellent Business Plan Chitrangana Business wrote for us. It really did assist in getting us up and running; in fact, our Landlords – Prudential Property Investment Managers Ltd even commented on how exceptionally professional it was! – Our Senior Manager at the Bank said it was the best business plan he had seen. I have since recommended you to a number of clients, who I believe you are now in contact with. Thank you again for a superb presentation.” Rowntrees Manchester

“Even a charity helping the over 50’s start their business has to plan its future. Working with Carrley Business was great. Their consultant really helped us to identify and focus on the issues we were facing.” PRIME – registered Charity founded and chaired by HRH The Prince of Wales Rating: ★★★★★ (9.1 out of 10) Total votes: 287 (152 reviews)