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eCommerce Logistics Challenge and Solution : The ultimate eCommerce overview

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Every shop owners focus on their products and their presentation to grow business, But great product and a visually appealing online shop are not sufficient to ensure sustainable success. If you want to keep customers satisfied, logistics and fulfillment should not be neglected. Say: The goods should arrive quickly and reliably with the customer. In this article we give a comprehensive overview of software, logistics companies and service providers or really serious about your eCommerce business success talk to our consultant and feel the difference.

Logistics and fulfillment as eCommerce success factors

A customer will certainly think twice if he re-ordered in a shop whose product has arrived with delay or damaged. In addition, the tracking in the sense of playing “When was my order shipped?” And “Where is it right now?” An important role. Online stores always benefit from working with a logistics provider and its systems.

A functioning logistics and all aspects of fulfillment are for keeping customers is of great importance. An appealing design of an online store is similar to a well-decorated shop window of a normal business. Following this analogy, then the functioning logistics and a good fulfillment in an online store that makes up in retail stores, a well-trained sales staff: for example, expert advice, obliging exchange service and short waiting times at the box office and with the advice.

What is the eCommerce Logistics fulfillment?

The term logistics fulfillment can be summed up all tasks that arise after the conclusion of the contract:

  • Planning
  • Warehousing
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Shipping
  • Tracking
  • Accountancy
  • Payment Processing
  • Dunning
  • Returns management
  • Repairs
  • Support

Take record of logistics data and analysis

The compilation of the data necessary for a functioning logistics is quite labor intensive. In addition to the conventional product information, pricing and product photos, information such as weight, size and type of packaging must be integrated into a record. Such data enables logistics service providers only work with an online store.

Is even more complicated when a shop owner decides to outsource its goods. At least then you need namely an interface for inventory management in order to be able to ensure the customer can only order goods that are actually available. Warehouse logistics is important for this reason, in addition to delivery logistics particularly for larger shops.

Three ways to target

Since the normal online store has in most cases not have their own distribution and logistics, he must rely on external services and service providers. In addition to many small and specialized logistics service providers move some major players in the market. You should choose a service provider that really all for the best e-commerce covers relevant areas.

However, it need not be a service provider in each case. So you can opt for a fulfillment software also. The sheer mass of services and providers is approached best by a subdivision into three categories:

  • eCommerce Logistics Fulfillment Software
  • eCommerce Logistics Fulfillment Planning
  • eCommerce Logistics Fulfillment Workflow

However, one can view this classification only as a rather rough subdivision, since the boundaries between the different areas to be slightly blurred. For example, there also logistics provider offering its own fulfillment software. is India’s No.1 eCommerce consultancy and solution provider company, All of our consultants are highly experienced, we won most of International award for best eCommerce consultancy in India every year. Our consultants are powering more than 1500+ eCommerce projects in India, UK, Australia. All are our consultants are trained classically with heavy knowledge of Retail Business, Internet Marketing, Technology, Internet Security and Business Management. We will provide you eCommerce knowledge, consultation, solution for technology, marketing and many more.

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