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  • eCommerce Logistics Challenge and Solution : The ultimate eCommerce overview

    Every shop owners focus on their products and their presentation to grow business, But great product and a visually appealing online shop are not sufficient to ensure sustainable success. If you want to keep customers satisfied, logistics and fulfillment should not be neglected. Say: The goods should arrive quickly and reliably with the customer. In this article we give a comprehensive overview of software, logistics companies and service providers or really serious about your eCommerce business success talk to our consultant and feel the difference.Logistics and fulfillment as eCommerce success factors A customer will certainly think twice if he re-ordered in a shop whose product has arrived with delay or damaged. In addition, the tracking in the sense of playing "When was my order shipped?" And "Where is it right now?" An important role. Online stores always benefit from working with a logistics provider and its systems. A functioning logistics and all aspects of fulfillment are for keeping customers is of great importance. An appealing design of an online store is similar to a well-decorated shop window of a normal business. Following this analogy, then the functioning logistics and a good fulfillment in an online store that makes ...

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