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  • Why eCommerce Website (Business) Project Fails

    Many people think of being own boss and dream to do business like they think and wanted to start a shop, and but in a short time they serve checkout. How are things rarely together. And statistics also shows that most online stores do not survive the first year. It is hard facts and I have as eCommerce/WebShop consultant experienced it many times. The reason that most eCommerce business project fail within a year, is that people do not sit properly into what it takes to start a shop. Many people think that they can just spend an hour or two every night, but Truth is that what first long period of time requires hard work and many hours of blood, sweat and tears. Both of putting goods into the eCommerce Web Site, providing visitors via SEO, get them to buy, etc. A rule of thumb says that if you lie enough time in a start-up shop, so you should not count on having the large surplus it first 1 ½ years. As eCommerce consultant we advised many people who want to start their eCommerce business project, to have patients, do hard work, take it seriously, ...

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