• The Guide to Begin an Ecommerce Store [ #eCommerce ]

    Over the past 5 year, the retail business landscape has undergone significant changes in India by converting shopping treans from malls to online store. After mobile internet revolution, The way we use and interact with the internet has completely transformed. Let’s take a look at the Ecommerce one: more and more consumers are turning to eCommerce and online sitre for their shopping needs, and as a result, small businesses as well as big brands, have been forced to join eCommerce in ...

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  • eCommerce in India will grown by 37% in 2015 – Report by

    India's leading eCommerce consultancy company has projected 37% growth of eCommerce retail business in India for the year 2015. The company which is consulting more than 1750+ project with group of 45+ industries top most consultant., a leader in eCommerce consultancy in Asia, today reported its official released forecast for the FY 2015-16. The CMO Mukta Sharma said the current FY will be the year of online retail spending in India with an average growth of 37% YoY. The reported forecast the growth in the month of April, July, October, and November will be higher than average growth. Spending ...

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  • SEO, Search Engine Optimization Audit in 20min

    Chitrangana has put together an infographic that tackles one of the most needful yet under-utilized aspects of Net marketing: the SEO examine. It's under-utilized for the elongate sanity that numerous fill don't understand the standing of attractive this manoeuvre before emotional impertinent with any SEO activities. Oh and they don't necessary to spend the money to screw it finished, either. The strain is that if you don't invest to jazz what's excavation or not for your SEO efforts then you may end up sterilization something in the enation that was actually excavation. SEO's present this quandary ...

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  • Project Honey Pot IP Greylist to Whitelist

    You may automatically whitelist any IP within the /24 of your requesting IP. Please allow an hour for your IP to propogate. Additionally, IPs that have been whitelisted and delisted will have their propogation times delayed. This delay will increase every time the IP gets delisted by bad activity. Whitelisted IPs will automatically become delisted by bad activity occuring after the whitelisting date. A delay penalty will then be incurred for the next whitelist submission. You can also submit IP white listing request :

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  • Finding an IT Consultant in india can be challenging

    Some consultants are moody, some charge enormous upfront fees which really don’t make sense for a small environment of just a few PC’s. Here are some tips for hiring a good IT Consultant or IT Consulting company in India: 1. When you first call – are you able to get someone one the phone who understands your situation ? 2. Is the person on the phone knowledgeable in the subject area ? if not – are they able to get someone who is on the phone right away ? 3. Ask the company for ...

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  • Access Your Computer Remotely

    There are lots of reasons why you’d want to access your PC remotely, and luckily there are also plenty of ways to do so. Crossloop is one of the simplest (it’s also free), but for those willing to venture further, you’ve got lots of options. Excuse us while we get technical for a second. This list is divided into four main sections: VNC (Virtual Network Computing), NX, remote desktop and cross-protocol. If those terms mean nothing to you, you might want to skip to the “other” section for the most straightforward applications. That said, let’s begin. VNC

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