RV Trader

Company Name : RV Trader
Web Site : www.RvTraderOnline.com
Client For : eCommerce Consultation
Working Since : March 2009

RvTraderOnline.com is a PHP e-commerce solution for RV (recreational vehicles) owners. It features listing and management of categorized vendors, goods and services, as well as initiation of formal tenders and a checkout process.

The system allows importing large files with products (20 000 items) and importing pictures to that products without having an overwhelming effect on the processors.

Categories management and front page are made in WYSIWYG style. That means that in the back end you see a scaled copy of the front page. And when you click on the section you wish to edit, the section increases in size and you see a copy of the section from the front end in its actual size but with the ability to edit everything that is on it.

There is also membership management, which allows for better communication between the customer and users.

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