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Experienced eCommerce Specialist

Our focus is on achieving effective merchants successful. We help you in conceiving, designing and building your shop. We ensure that an optimal integration between marketing, online sales and order fulfillment.

“We support you in all aspects surrounding e-business processes. In addition to strategy, design, development and hosting, we also provide full integration with financial and logistical systems (ERP / WMS), search engine and links to all online marketing channels. We can even provide our partners with customer service, order processing, storage and fully integrated care.”


When developing an online store is the right combination of design, technology and marketing essential. We have our own specialized designers in our team. They design based on your needs a nice shop that suits your style. This takes into account the latest insights and experiences in the field of usabilty and conversion.

Custom Development

In recent years we have developed a lot of online stores. Each shop is unique, although they use shared functionality. Sometimes only the design tailor , other times there are extensive and very specific functionalities desired. Our platform is ideal for custom modifications and is therefore always good to reflect your needs and business processes.

Proven E-Commerce Platform

Since 2003, many vendors, from SMEs to multinationals, through our e-commerce platform succevol millions of orders processed.

Coupling with backend systems ERP / WMS

An effective e-commerce process is often necessary that your shop automatically communicates with other systems. Think about your own ERP, accounting or systems of logistics parties such as TNT. Also automatic orders with your suppliers via web or EDI are possible. We have extensive experience with e-commerce ERP integration for example. SAP, Navision and Unit 4.

Integrating and managing online marketing and social media

After launching the store, it is important to optimize the use of all marketing opportunities and the right visitors to the site to attract buyers. From offline marketing such as television and print campaigns we do not know much. Internet marketing even more. We can help online channels such as Google Adwords, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Comparison sites, newsletters and more. Read more about internet marketing …

Secure online payments handling

A secure and trusted processing of online payments with sufficient choice of payment is an important part of e-commerce. Our platform is directly linked to the services of several banks and payment service providers make it easy for all payment methods you accept. Think iDeal, MasterCard and Visa but also direct debit, giro and international methods such as Carte Bleu, Mister Cash, Paypal and more.

Management and maintenance

A good shop also needs fast, reliable and safe continue to function without you having to worry about it. Tritac has performed a multiple, reliable and secure hosting platform. All servers and shops are monitored 24/7, backed up and maintained. So you do not have to worry about technology and maintenance, leaving you free to concentrate on your new customers.

Outsourcing e-fulfillment: inventory management, order fulfillment and customer service

Do you have a range but you sit for your shop to wait for own warehousing, order fulfillment and customer service? Whether it comes to books, fashion, electronics or washing machines. Together with our partners we can offer the entire e-commerce process for you.

Measuring and optimizing

To achieve optimum performance it is important to get good insight into how visitors respond to your shop. How they found your shop and what motivates them to decide whether or not your store to purchase to proceed. At each store, we provide extensive integration with online analytics software of your choice . Our specialists can help you analyze the visitors and purchases on your website. Allows concrete steps with the return of your store to continuously improve your competition always a step ahead.
Best practices

In our projects we apply our best practices allow. We focus in your shop based on proven success factors. You benefit from our years of e-commerce experience. Rating: ★★★★★ (9.1 out of 10) Total votes: 287 (152 reviews)