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  • Prasad Kumar, Kerla Ayurveda

    "Chitrangana Online Marketing really helped us focus our social media efforts in preparation for a new store opening. Chitrangna's consultants are extremely knowledgeable of the subject matter, had a blazing fast response to any questions or alterations, and was very attentive to our needs. Two thumbs up!, 5 Star!”

  • Rajkumar Jain, Property Boost Pvt. Ltd.

    "I came to Chitrangana for specific business concept that I want to implement. They listened, came up with ideas and new ways of looking at the issues, and helped me to make rapid, measurable, positive execution of my eCommerce project. Thank you Chitrangana!"

  • Vishal Khatri, CEO,

    " are a very professional company. The consultant has extra ordinary knowledgeable, Unbelievable creative ideas and very quick understanding in my business needs.They are a company who can adapt and realise that time is important, and small businesses like ours needs advice and information fast."

  • Deepak Jain ,Suyash Exports

    “We use Chitrangana for eCommerce , CRM and business management consultation , The fact that everything is driven through one specialised agency is a major plus for us.”

  • Google Local Business Help

    Now a days google show local business result at top, a local business results are information of those sites relevant to customer local location like customer search for "Best IT consultant" and he is located in "Mumbai" so google will show IT companies located in Mumbai with google map. Google Places for business is free local platform from Google to grow your site quickly on Google. 1 > Visit Google Places : // 2 > ...

  • Add Your Site On Search Engine.

    Do you want to add your site on search engine ? Don't worry it is very simple to add your site on search engine.First , add your url on search engine, just follow the links to add your site on google, yahoo, bing and askGoogle Search Engine Web Site It is also recommended to sign up for google webmaster account and enjoy many tool for search engine management.Bing Search Engine Web Site Submission // Search Engine Web Site Submission //, ...

  • India The Spam Nation : Kaspersky Lab

     Nearly 1 in 7 spam messages originate in India, according to report by Kaspersky Lab. Malicious attachments, often designed to steal users’ financial date, were highest in Russia and the United States. “Developing countries are attractive for botmasters due to the absence of effective anti-spam legislation and low IT security levels, while developed countries are of interest because of their fast, widely available Internet connections,” said Darya Gudkova, head of Content Analysis & Research at Kaspersky Lab.Email ...

  • Translate PDF & Word Documents by Google Translate

    Google Translate Pdf | Translate Documents by Google TranslateTranslate PDF and word document written in foreign language to your language.How do you quickly translate that PDF file into an your language (English document) ?Solution: If the PDF document is not password protected, you can easily convert it into another language via Google Translate.The idea is that you extract the text from the PDF file and pass it to Google Translate. Here’s how:Step 1: Open Zoho Viewer (// and upload ...

  • Get Your IP and MAC Addresses

    Click the Start menu button on the Windows taskbar.Click 'Run...' on this menu. Type 'cmd' in the text box that appears. A command prompt window launches on the desktop. In this command window, type 'ipconfig /all'. Details are shown for each of the computer's network adapters. Computers installed with VPN software or emulation software will possess one or more virtual adapters. The 'IP Address' field states the current IP address for that network adapter. The 'Physical Address' field states the MAC ...

  • Open .XLSX Spreadsheet Files Without Excel 2007

    If you love an .xlsx enter joining in your netmail inbox but the computer has no Office 2007 to undetermined that phone, what are the getable options? The xlsx files is the choice pedagogy for spreadsheets handwritten in Microsoft Office Surpass 2007. The info is currently not substantiation by GMail attachment viewer or any of the online role suites similar Google Docs. Withal, you can easily change .xlsx spreadsheet to the tralatitious .xls initialize using the ...

  • Speech to Text Recognition

    Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2003 offer several different computer generated voices that you can use with the Text to Speech feature. This article describes how to change the voice of the Text to Speech feature.You can choose from several voices to read back your text in the Text to Speech feature.To change the Text To Speech voice, follow these steps: Click Start, and then click Control Panel. Double-click the Speech icon. Click the Text To Speech tab. In the Voice selection ...

  • SEO, Search Engine Optimization Audit in 20min

    Chitrangana has put together an infographic that tackles one of the most needful yet under-utilized aspects of Net marketing: the SEO examine. It's under-utilized for the elongate sanity that numerous fill don't understand the standing of attractive this manoeuvre before emotional impertinent with any SEO activities. Oh and they don't necessary to spend the money to screw it finished, either. The strain is that if you don't invest to jazz what's excavation or not for your SEO ...

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