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  • Online Payment Solution

    Online payments Chitrangana eCommerce Solution, the Payment Service Provider for web and Indian organizations with online marketing. Our payment service provides total online payment process. From the start of a payment, the payment of the amount in your bank account. Our services Chitrangana eCommerce Solution  offers a safe and highly reliable payment platform (PSD with an uptime of 99.99%. Our online payment platform offers the possibility of your order administration to link your accounting software so that all statements in a platform. From the back office you will always have access to ...

  • ECommerce Solutions

    Experienced eCommerce Specialist Our focus is on achieving effective merchants successful. We help you in conceiving, designing and building your shop. We ensure that an optimal integration between marketing, online sales and order fulfillment. "We support you in all aspects surrounding e-business processes. In addition to strategy, design, development and hosting, we also provide full integration with financial and logistical systems (ERP / WMS), search engine and links to all online marketing channels. We can even provide our partners with customer service, order processing, storage and fully integrated care." Design When developing an online store is ...

  • eCommerce Search Engine Marketing

    Chitrangana eCommerce Search Engine Marketing Experts , you have a strong partner on the side, which ensures that you will be found by the very people from whom you want to search. Benefit from our large network of online marketing agency with us and increase your business success! Chitrangana eCommerce SEO Experts, offers consultancy in key areas of online marketing . Also for the practical implementation, we are here for you. We accompany you from the analysis to the implementation of friendly and competent in the areas of search engine optimization, social media optimization and online shop ...

  • Optimizing your ecommerce website

    We assist you in choosing your online shop and party in the practical implementation of the project. We create your online store and provide connectivity to third party providers such as payment and logistics service providers.Technical and economic analysis of the existing shops Evaluation of the optimal Store Systems Project Management Design and implementation of graphical Build your online store Permanent optimization of your online store Evaluation and integration of third-party Design of optimal shop structure , functionality and features

  • Save images for Web in Photoshop

    One of the more critical features that Photoshop offers is the Save for Web / devices offer. Why use it? While you could just save your file in a standard method such as File / Save As, Save for Web / devices function does three things are crucial.Saving Your File for the Web It optimizes the file dimensions (for example: 150 px X 150 px) allowing it to fit into web pages cleaner and look better and less distorted.It optimizes the file size (for example: 23 kb) allowing it to download faster. It saves in the ...

  • Top eCommerce Consultancy Award

    Chitrangana eCommerce Declared As One Of The Top eCommerce Consultancy : ESparks 2011 Conference held on 17th Dec 2011 in Bangalore.  The award announced at a ceremony held on the 17th Dec 2011. The awards were recognition for best practice in ecommerce consultancy and included categories in online business development, business development and best internet marketing planning.

  • Google Local Business Help

    Now a days google show local business result at top, a local business results are information of those sites relevant to customer local location like customer search for "Best IT consultant" and he is located in "Mumbai" so google will show IT companies located in Mumbai with google map. Google Places for business is free local platform from Google to grow your site quickly on Google. 1 > Visit Google Places : 2 > If you already have a Google Account, sign in with your email and password. You can also use an AdWords ...

  • Add Your Site On Search Engine.

    Do you want to add your site on search engine ? Don't worry it is very simple to add your site on search engine.First , add your url on search engine, just follow the links to add your site on google, yahoo, bing and askGoogle Search Engine Web Site It is also recommended to sign up for google webmaster account and enjoy many tool for search engine management.Bing Search Engine Web Site Submission Search Engine Web Site Submission, Build your site sitemapTo create search engine compatible site map, you can get help from, Prepare good text ...

  • India The Spam Nation : Kaspersky Lab

     Nearly 1 in 7 spam messages originate in India, according to report by Kaspersky Lab. Malicious attachments, often designed to steal users’ financial date, were highest in Russia and the United States. “Developing countries are attractive for botmasters due to the absence of effective anti-spam legislation and low IT security levels, while developed countries are of interest because of their fast, widely available Internet connections,” said Darya Gudkova, head of Content Analysis & Research at Kaspersky Lab.Email Marketing , Internet Marketing

  • Translate PDF & Word Documents by Google Translate

    Google Translate Pdf | Translate Documents by Google TranslateTranslate PDF and word document written in foreign language to your language.How do you quickly translate that PDF file into an your language (English document) ?Solution: If the PDF document is not password protected, you can easily convert it into another language via Google Translate.The idea is that you extract the text from the PDF file and pass it to Google Translate. Here’s how:Step 1: Open Zoho Viewer ( and upload the file(s). Other than PDF, you may also upload common Office file formats like doc, xls and ppt.Step 2: Zoho ...

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