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  • Amazon to Focus India as World’s Biggest eCommerce Market Outside the U.S.

    E-commerce is rapidly booming in the India with triple digit in 2015-2016 growth as mentioned in a recent study by, India's leading ecommerce consulting company.Amazon, the world’s largest biggest eCommerce retailer, has decided to invest as much as $5 billion in India to turn into its biggest market outside the U.S., An report by Economic Times newspaper. The report by Economic Times mentioned, The additional funds will be invested to grown warehouses network, server data centers and build more deep country wide supplier network. ...

  • Regulations and laws in international e-commerce for Indian companies – #regulation

    The India's leading eCommerce consultancy and solution provider for eCommerce startups in India, explains some important rules and regulations for eCommerce retailer who want to be active on the international stage:Consumer protection laws :  Online retailers should evaluate the extent to which their terms local consumer protection laws correspond, for example, with regard to cancellation and refund rights. Within the most of international boundaries, the legal position under the location of law is clear which extended the cooling-off period for online contracts of seven working days to 14 calendar days. Since the directive must be implemented nationally by many of the ...

  • The Guide to Begin an Ecommerce Store [ #eCommerce ]

    Over the past 5 year, the retail business landscape has undergone significant changes in India by converting shopping treans from malls to online store. After mobile internet revolution, The way we use and interact with the internet has completely transformed. Let’s take a look at the Ecommerce one: more and more consumers are turning to eCommerce and online sitre for their shopping needs, and as a result, small businesses as well as big brands, have been forced to join eCommerce in ...

  • India reported world’s second largest countries for mobile shopping, grown by 18% in 2015 Q1

    With minor difference with China's mobile eCommerce penetration India standing at second position across the world in mobile shopping market. According to research team head Mr. Mercure Lee, mobile eCommerce penetration is growing by 22% in China whereas, India's mobile eCommerce penetration is increasing by 18%, the statistics are provided for the year 2015 with average compression of data from sample taken between 2013-2014, the report consist analysis of 50 eCommerce store, mobile app store from china and ...

  • India’s #eCommerce industry will grow upto 15 time compared to current by 2020

    The demand of online shopping in Indian by year 2020 will be 15 times more than the current India’s popular eCommerce consulting & research firm, expecting more larger vision by 2020The increase of mobile internet, increase of India’s GDP, continuous falling sales in physical stores, increase of population in India, and overall earning of Indian will make the India, world’s biggest eCommerce market by the end of 2020. Small retailers to the big retail chain, everyone are expected in 2015 to sell online. The growth of retail sales is planned across India at the triple-digit ...

  • India business forum expected need of 10,000 startup for 2016

    The forum found respect to growth of Indian eCommerce industry the player or sites are very limited, even in current scenario most of the big players are not able to maintain the order delivery and customer support at slight increase in sales during weekends or festivals. The forum expects more than 400 new commerce site with the capacity of thousand order per Hr processing and about 10,000 new launch of small scale startups are required to handle the expected business growth by the end of 2016. By 2016, e-commerce transactions in India are projected to hit approximately 8.% percent of ...

  • The new startup online site have reported 78% rapid growth, than 2014

    India’s leading eCommerce consulting company predicting more than double digit growth in Indian eCommerce business for FY 2015-16. The new startup online site have reported 78% rapid growth, than previous year.The consultant says : "The eCommerce industry is growing more than by double-digit if we include start-up websites, the start-up website now contributing 40% stack in total industry growth as well the sales of startup websites are grown by 78%, than previous year, the industry is expected to touch triple digit growth in FY 2015-16."Read detail at :

  • “India Mobile Day” a big success

    "As per the current data which we receive from the daily internet traffic, we are seeing a 30 per cent spike in Snapdeal website traffic. This actually helps to bring new customers to Snapdeal," said Nitin Lodha, e-commerce consultant, detail at

  • The demand of online shopping in Indian by year 2020 will be 15 times more than the current

    The demand of online shopping in Indian by year 2020 will be 15 times more than the current.

  • E-commerce spending grown by 78% in March 2015 –

    Online consumer spending in India grown by 78% between Jan 2015 to Mar 2015 as compared to last year in same period.

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