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  • Top 5 guidelines to starting eCommerce start-ups in India

    We are entering the golden age for eCommerce start-ups in India, especially after the Govt. of India’s new draft policy. But it’s easier said than done, and start-ups must follow a set of guidelines in order to thrive in the marketplace and compete with the likes of Amazon and Flipkart.It’s a little known fact that at least 90% eCommerce start-ups in India fail to blossom due to lack of planning, knowledge and market understanding. And this, despite India ...

  • eCommerce Startup Revolution: How Indian start-ups can spread their wings in eCommerce

    With the Govt. of India already determined to help Indian eCommerce start-ups compete with established overseas giants, we highlight five ideas that will help them in their cause.1) Aid of Search Engines: Besides improving SEO for their websites through use of strong keywords and link building, the start-ups must view themselves as search engines and not just eCommerce websites. According to a research by Nielsen, search success rates have increased from 74% to 92% ...

  • India’s eCommerce industry ready to hit 45% growth in 2018-2019, according to Chitrangana

    Chitrangana, India’s biggest eCcommerce consultancy, believe the online industry has regained momentum after a drop off in 2017 in the aftermath of demonetisation. Chitrangana, industry experts in the e-commerce sphere, have projected a 45% growth on YOY basis for the 2018-19 season, just a year after the web retail business saw a drop off due to demonetisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes. Chitrangana believes the extraordinary growth in 2018-2019 is also due to comparison with 2017’s negative growth due to demonetisation, which built up a deficit in the previous fiscal.[caption id="attachment_3216" align="alignleft" ...

  • India’s new draft eCommerce Policy – Featured in National News (Rajyasabha TV, DD News)

    Featured on National News Network to explain the draft eCommerce policy, Chitrangana believes the new policy will assure level playing field for eCommerce start-ups in India and help to emerge new ventures. The new draft policy protects the Indian eCommerce business entities and the consumers. The regulation will build customer's trust in online shopping which expected to increase new customer base by 35% post policy implementation.The TV show participated by our Senior eCommerce Consultant Mr Prashant Kumar ( India and GCC region ).

  • India’s eCommerce will show double-digit growth up to 25% by Dec 2018

    India's eCommerce will show double-digit growth up to 25% by Dec 2018, by adding 20% more new customer and 18% additional demand growth from existing buyer. The growth mainly focused on grocery, fashion, home decor and electronics category.Sep 2018 to Feb 2019, a surge will be seen in furniture and home decor category followed by online food ordering, travel, personal care, gourmets and general home usages products shopping.The changing demand patterns need for speedy delivery and understanding of the local market is opening a new door for Regional eCommerce startups, few centrally managed eCommerce companies cannot govern the large demography ...

  • India’s eCommerce furniture sales jump by 32% in 2017-2018

    The willingness of Indian customer to buy furniture online has grown significantly in 2017. Now more than one in six Indian eCommerce buyers prefer shopping furniture online. The survey data reported 32 percent jump in online furniture sales in Q3 for 2017-2018. Customer prefers buying online stuff like sofa, chairs, wardrobe, beds and tables.This statistic can be found in the report prepared by research and statistical department of, a new study published by India's Leading eCommerce Consultancy, The company already carried out a similar study almost two years ago, so one could easily compare the results.And based on ...

  • Won “eCommerce Innovation 2017” Award

    With record record number of high-quality innovative eCommerce projects, won 2017's eCommerce Innovation Award at Barcelona in 7th annual European E-commerce Awards. The award organised by European eCommerce Association at Barcelona city. 270+ eCommerce consultancy companies selected from across world for the award process by central award commite, and the nomiation was announced on 25th Nov 2017 at receive the award for pan-Asia geography region (for Asos assignment) , the award was for ecommerce companies who primarily use digital retail ...

  • Excellent meeting Mr. A L Rajwani (Managing Director of P&G) on social-business innovation

    Team Chitrangana, had excellent meeting with Mr. A L Rajwani (Managing Director of P&G) and P&G global team at Madhya Pradesh Global Investor Summit for an innovative social to business association. The business concept will soon bring a great significance solution in Indian social security. The meet was lead by our senior consultant Mr. Nitin Lodha.

  • Awarded “GOLD Category – eCommerce” by International Quality Summit Award.

    Pleasure to share, selection of "Chitrangana" by 31st International quality summit award (IQS), New York under GOLD category - eCommerce. The award ceremony organised on 28th-29th May 2017 in New York, USA. The 31st International quality summit award organised by International Quality Convention and Imarpress Group. The award chaired by Jose E. Prieto (President and CEO, BID and BID Group One)  and Dayle L. Fickling (Chief Editor of IMARPRESS).eCommerce Gold Category Award by IQS - 31st ...

  • Govt Announce National Award for e-Commerce Marketing of Handloom Products

    Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India invited application for National Award for e-Commerce marketing excellence for handloom products for the year 2015. The procedure invited all Indian companies having 3 years of experience and deliver excellent projects to promote handloom products over eCommerce in India. The last day for submission is 18th July 2016. The department will award to one National Award and two National Merit Certificates.Detail can be found at

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