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Won “eCommerce Innovation 2017” Award

With record record number of high-quality innovative eCommerce projects, won 2017’s eCommerce Innovation Award at Barcelona in 7th annual European E-commerce Awards. The award organised by European eCommerce Association at Barcelona city. 270+ eCommerce consultancy companies selected from across world for the award process by central award commite, and the nomiation was announced on 25th Nov 2017 at Brussels.

chitrangana won best eCommerce innovation award 2017 receive the award for pan-Asia geography region (for Asos assignment) , the award was for ecommerce companies who primarily use digital retail channels to excite consumers. According to the jury, Chitrangana – The Indian eCommerce consultancy is this year’s clear winner. The award receive by Mr. Visha Shah, Senior eCommerce Consultant, and Mr. Nitin Lodha joined the ceremony over video conference. Mr. Vishal Shah said-“Chitrangana aware of both its strengths and needed areas of innovation for digital retail space. Our razor-sharp focus on next steps and willingness to test the boundaries of its operation model makes us continuously relevant and top of mind for eCommerce industry.” Rating: ★★★★★ (9.1 out of 10) Total votes: 287 (152 reviews)