Social Media Can Rise Your E-commerce Sales !

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Open any smartphone, go to facebook or twitter and you will observe the person is following his preferred Internet retail brands.’s research team found 72% of customer do follow their favorite e-commerce store, or they follow e-commerce store from they are planning to buy something. In India, 84% online retail store use two or more social media channels, but only 3 out of 10 online e-commerce store is seriously managing the social media presence, to generate sales and help customer’s queries. The social media channel is the quick point for the customer to get influence with your new product, solve post sales complaint and provide the chance to convert prospective customer in sales.

Social Media Convert Prospects in Sales

Offline and Word-of-mouth marketing are traditional forms of advertising because of its assure deliverables. Actually, Nielsen found that 92% of consumers follow recommendations from friends and turn into sales immediately without thinking twice about the product, and 70% trust online consumer reviews – available on product review section, social media reviews and other, buy in 2015-16 our research survey found the customer trust online review ( especially on product page ) is declining by 30% and customer more look for social media review ( majorly facebook review) and comment to call final decision about the order. For e-commerce retailers it also an excellent opportunity to have such kind of trend because the active and adverse review over social media channel are under e-commerce monitoring, and any negative review can be resolved to maintain the more significant presence.

Social Media Can Bring Quality Traffic

Our study found social media channels participate in generating quality referral traffic power. From Aug 2015 to Mar 2016, social media referral traffic to Indian e-Commerce site has increased by 160%, and surprisingly the bounce rate was reduced to 23% compare to 27% in Jan 2015 to Jul 2015. To achieve the social media traffic growth, the online stores requires managing the social media channel in a personal manner with full of human gesture.

  • The best practise suggest to represent actual details, images and content of the ecommerce website.
  • Plan you social media in the disciplined manner and post content as per the scheduled regularly.
  • Don’t post about products and deal only, keep your social media communication in a friendly way like you are talking about your friend and post content which you audience like from diversified subjects.
  • Keep post direct and easily accessible URL with the post for quick access.
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