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Lack Of Order – It’s Not A Marketing Problem, A Problem in Your Technology Development

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Most of Indian eCommerce start-ups are failed in “conversion rate optimization” and “social media marketing”, Not because they have a conversion problem but because they never really nail the product or how to market it with custom developed eCommerce store.

The product or website (be it software, e-commerce, or a service) might be on awesome platform , but if it puts itself in standard common technology and not develops technology in custom manner as per product and customer demography , then the startup will fail.

The most common mistake startups make is assuming they can operate the same way big companies do, and expect success with little knowledge available from internet and by taking feedback from software expert whereas the eCommerce business all about retail where consumer experience and behaviors has great worth which typically not subject of a person working in software company.

A corporation like Amzon could pick locations by throwing a dart at a map and know they’ll at least break even with a new location..

But for a new eCommerce start-up, things like custom business feasibility report by any expert eCommerce business consultant, custom developed technology, customer service, atmosphere, business management and product selection, will make or break the company. If they don’t nail the explore the mind with any expert ecommerce business consultant with your questions else the doors will closed for the project next year. Same goes for e-commerce, SaaS or any startup really. Rating: ★★★★★ (9.1 out of 10) Total votes: 287 (152 reviews)