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India’s #eCommerce industry will grow upto 15 time compared to current by 2020

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The demand of online shopping in Indian by year 2020 will be 15 times more than the current India’s popular eCommerce consulting & research firm, expecting more larger vision by 2020

The increase of mobile internet, increase of India’s GDP, continuous falling sales in physical stores, increase of population in India, and overall earning of Indian will make the India, world’s biggest eCommerce market by the end of 2020. Small retailers to the big retail chain, everyone are expected in 2015 to sell online. The growth of retail sales is planned across India at the triple-digit in upcoming 5 years. India may expect the big boost of sales from small towns, district places, and even villages. Right now there are no online portal access the delivery of product to town level, only Amazon India deliver the product up to Rs. 5000 to almost every pin code of India. The consulting firm said it is good time for startup to look business from district places, towns and villages as well because the 30% search query for online shopping are coming from these small cities where the delivery of products is not available, company also said 35% customer are not able to shop online due to unavailability of products in growing cities also.

Essentially, India’s large and growing middle-class will become accustomed to making frequent e-commerce purchases by 2016. Furthermore, as in many longer-standing ecommerce markets, they are also developing online shopping awareness, Said Mr. Jayesh Shah, Head of eCommerce at He mentioned, In 2014, mobile transactions totaled 15% of total eCommerce business, whereas the start of 2015 received quick dumb by 150% in mobile transaction and at April 2015 mobile eCommerce transactions are reached 37.5% of total eCommerce business the country. Rating: ★★★★★ (9.1 out of 10) Total votes: 287 (152 reviews)