India’s eCommerce furniture sales jump by 32% in 2017-2018

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The willingness of Indian customer to buy furniture online has grown significantly in 2017. Now more than one in six Indian eCommerce buyers prefer shopping furniture online. The survey data reported 32 percent jump in online furniture sales in Q3 for 2017-2018. Customer prefers buying online stuff like sofa, chairs, wardrobe, beds and tables.

This statistic can be found in the report prepared by research and statistical department of, a new study published by India’s Leading eCommerce Consultancy, The company already carried out a similar study almost two years ago, so one could easily compare the results.

And based on information from 2015 and now, it becomes clear Indian consumers are showing more and more interested in buying furniture online. 32% of respondents said that they had already done so, which is 29% points more than in 2015. says this increase is thanks to the growing interested in younger couples and families, of which almost half of them now shop furniture online. Buying furniture online is relatively not that popular among empty nesters (19%) and older couples (9%).

According to Chitrangana- The eCommerce leading in India, the increase of furniture buyers online is more attributable to the woman than to men, which is in line with the fact women are more inclined to shop online. says that although women are more likely to have reservations about buying furniture online, these reservations can be resolved by offering features, such as very accurate premium product presentation, pictorial product dimension detail, good quality images, free fabric samples and interior guided views.

India’s eCommerce furniture Sales Analysis

The study also shows that 28% of respondents use the internet to get a particular piece of furniture at the best price, while 30% uses the internet to get informed about furniture in general. Also, 42% uses the internet to let it inspire them about new furniture and give them new interior design ideas, while 33% claims they don’t use the internet when buying furniture.

The research head of Chitrangana said, “Our aim to digitize the furniture shopping experience by the use of Big Data technology to build the best piece of furniture and interior combination. We are aiming to build a technology to decide the easy selection of product and relevant interior accessories for the customer requirement. The company is confident to build full automation AI interior designer system by 2019″ says Mr Kapil Negi, Research head at Rating: ★★★★★ (9.1 out of 10) Total votes: 287 (152 reviews)