Future eCommerce issues & ways in 2014

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A recent white paper by Chitrangana’s consultant Mr. Nitin Lodha highlights a wide range of new eCommerce topics for year 2013, from ways to sale product online to payment through to multi-channel in the future. White paper describe every topics in detail and below are few highlights.

The consultant research and analysis 85 eCommerce beginner and experienced online retailer business to bring out new topics. The eCommerce specialists of the agency have taken the practices under the microscope and by the following criteria studied: conversion rate, customer loyalty, acquire new customers, basket height and “joy of use”, the latter can probably be interpreted as “fun shopping”.

The whitepaper named “Future issues in e-commerce in 2014”

The focus in this paper on success factors and on the question of the future trends for successful e-commerce strategies could be crucial in India. The research paper is exclusively available for corporate clients.

Research Included Articles About:

  • Everything online or what? – To what extent the digital revolution is changing the buying behavior
  • E-commerce B2B – challenges and potential
  • She-commerce – E-commerce for women
  • From multichannel commerce to Everywhere Commerce
  • “Mobile First” – strategy for the future?
  • New technologies – a paradigm shift in web design

Ideas, Applications and Functionalities About:

  • Sales Concepts
  • Multichannel
  • Social Web
  • Shop and usability optimization
  • Payment systems
  • Design Trends
  • Trends & Visions
  • Ecommerce inspiration pool

The white paper “Future issues in eCommerce in 2014” is exclusively available for’s corporate client and consultant will present same in upcoming international eCommerce conference.

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