eCommerce is the future – No more Multi/Cross and Omni channels

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Latest 2013 event calendar we have the most exciting report for online retailers from BIMS London eCommerce Forum 2013. The theme of the event was focused to Indian eCommerce retail and lead by, The one interesting fact accepted by leading eCommerce expert in conference is end of Multi channel or Cross channel future in India.

The conference discuss in detail about multi, cross, omni channel, mobile support and their implementations. A look into the future shows that this way of thinking brings only partially improvements. Mr. Jera Beam ( COO, UK) shows us in a world of tomorrow, such as e-commerce may look like. There are no more channels, but only of life and infrastructure. Bean lived through various phases in their day on which the company can react perfectly in the future. On this day in the future current opportunities and innovative approaches will be pronounced. On this basis, arising from our point of view a lively discussion. Last year this research was carried out for 5 more times in a similar way due to strong interest.

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