5 tips to get started in eCommerce

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The e-commerce sales in India has grown by 29.75% from 2012 to 2013. Online commerce is booming and there is no end in sight: Even in 2014 anticipates the three digit growth.
Smaller dealers in Indian retail store often have difficulty is against the online competition, offering the goods often cheaper and always available. Therefore, many traders think, to take the step into the Internet and even sell online – in addition to the retail store or even instead. However, a good steady dealer is not automatically a good online retailers. Mr. Anand Seth (Chief Executive Consultant, eCommerce) of mention five tips that a retailer should need to consider to step in the e-commerce.

Select your product and category carefully

Even if a product sells well in the store, that’s no guarantee that it will be a big hit online. According to the Chitrangana’s E-Commerce Research and Statistical Department (ERSD), the range is one of the key success factors in e-commerce. Beginning of the year and an international study commissioned by Chitrangana’s ERSD confirmed that more than half of customers (64%) want a large assortment. Before a trader to his portfolio transfers into the net, he should examine whether users do look for such products. This is for before starting business online ask consultant to provide complete feasibility research about product category. From the results conclusions on the general interest can be drawn. Under some circumstances it is necessary to specialize to occupy niches.

Get competition analysis

Chitrangana’s latest survey showed that for 64% of India still the price is the most important criterion when buying on the internet. Price comparisons are easy and fast. Therefore, a trader must be aware of the fact that he has to face in the network a stronger price competition than in a shop beforehand and decide whether he can bid here or whether it could allow for higher prices by about several additional services as well. Also detailed and informative product descriptions can be crucial here: According to a recent study by the Chitrangana’s ERSD hold a total of 88% for this absolutely or very important. Even a quick and transparent to the customer logistics is a must of every online merchant: A simple returns process is for 93% of consumers a must, and understandable shipping conditions (84.8%).

Build trust

Especially in the often blamed as a faceless e-commerce trust is an important success factor. Independent certification mark such as the “Trusted Shops” seal are an important source of confidence for the user, especially when a shop is fairly new on the market. A study of the one of senior consultant Mr. Nitin Lodha showed that 76% of consumers shop with more confidence than those without seal mark. Payment options offer here are also important: Whoever offers different types, increasing the likelihood of meeting the needs of users. A “must-have” payment form is the purchase invoice, because it is still the most popular method of payment of the customers (54%). In general, anyone who wants to sell successfully online must offer various payment methods to meet customer preferences justice.


Make shopping an experience

Who does not want to engage in a price war on the Internet and set itself apart from the shopping experience that is offered to users. Important here is that traders consider carefully what should characterize their shop. The selection of products and their quality as well as a professional and individual design are only two possibilities. To convert one-time buyers into repeat customers, a combination of exciting portfolio and excellent customer service as well as fast and reliable customer communication is important. Not every small traders will be able to compete with the best prices, That is why it is extremely important for these dealers to offer expertise and above all a fun and safe shopping experience. Displays the dealer, for example in a video to manufacture its products, which is a big plus compared to the often purely price-oriented representation of larger providers .

Find the right shop solution

The e-commerce beginners has may ways to join eCommerce industry. All have advantages and disadvantages, It is suggested to discuss about your product, goal, financial planning and goals with consultant in detail so he will be suggest you best possible solution for your start-up.


In e-commerce merchants to offer many opportunities – but you need clear strategy, vision and expert knowledge. The start-up entry should be carefully and strategically planned with positive confidence, just like the opening of a offline shop. If start-up in doubt, talk to our consultant you will definitely find best way.

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