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  • eCommerce is the future – No more Multi/Cross and Omni channels

    Latest 2013 event calendar we have the most exciting report for online retailers from BIMS London eCommerce Forum 2013. The theme of the event was focused to Indian eCommerce retail and lead by, The one interesting fact accepted by leading eCommerce expert in conference is end of Multi channel or Cross channel future in India. The conference discuss in detail about multi, cross, omni channel, mobile support and their implementations. A look into the future shows that this way of thinking brings only partially improvements. Mr. Jera Beam ( COO, UK) shows us in a ...

  • eCommerce Sales in 2013 at record high, Biggest growth

    Sales of eCommerce in 2013 set a new record and benchmark in first 2013 Q1. The Chitrangana Statistics and R&D department release report in its annual eCommerce conference,Singapore impressive numbers even more interesting statistical data available ever about Indian eCommerce market. The statistics include data from Chitrangana group client's. The total turnover of online order trade in India rose in 2013 by 35.45 percent to 42.47 billion INR now. Record-breaking sales in e-commerce, according to study According to the Chitrangana's study the industry's growth over the previous year 2013 was far higher than in previous years. For ...

  • 5 tips to get started in eCommerce

    The e-commerce sales in India has grown by 29.75% from 2012 to 2013. Online commerce is booming and there is no end in sight: Even in 2014 anticipates the three digit growth. Smaller dealers in Indian retail store often have difficulty is against the online competition, offering the goods often cheaper and always available. Therefore, many traders think, to take the step into the Internet and even sell online - in addition to the retail store or even instead. However, a good steady dealer is not automatically a good online retailers. Mr. Anand Seth (Chief Executive Consultant, eCommerce) of ...

  • Future eCommerce issues & ways in 2014

    A recent white paper by Chitrangana's consultant Mr. Nitin Lodha highlights a wide range of new eCommerce topics for year 2013, from ways to sale product online to payment through to multi-channel in the future. White paper describe every topics in detail and below are few highlights. The consultant research and analysis 85 eCommerce beginner and experienced online retailer business to bring out new topics. The eCommerce specialists of the agency have taken the practices under the microscope and by the following criteria studied: conversion rate, customer loyalty, acquire new customers, basket height and "joy of use", the latter ...

  • 24 percent of eCommerce traffic comes from mobile devices

    The enthusiasm for mobile shopping via smartphones and tablets growing rapidly. Meanwhile, 24 percent of traffic comes in eCommerce from mobile devices. The recent research by Chitrangana's consultant said which is a fascinating insight into the current state of m-commerce. The research is a collaboration of the company's Indian eCommerce consultation department and CatMarket Inc, UK . They analyzed data from approximately 74 million online shoppers who visited the Chitrangana's clients customers websites this year. Its internationality and the sheer amount of data revealed a close look at the global distribution of m-commerce. eCommerce and M-Commerce: India as a pioneer ...

  • eCommerce Logistics Challenge and Solution : The ultimate eCommerce overview

    Every shop owners focus on their products and their presentation to grow business, But great product and a visually appealing online shop are not sufficient to ensure sustainable success. If you want to keep customers satisfied, logistics and fulfillment should not be neglected. Say: The goods should arrive quickly and reliably with the customer. In this article we give a comprehensive overview of software, logistics companies and service providers or really serious about your eCommerce business success talk to our consultant and feel the difference. Logistics and fulfillment as eCommerce success factors A customer will certainly think twice ...

  • How to Start a Successful eCommerce Business in India– Part 2

    As per latest research conduct by's R&D department said that 87% of Indian internet customer would perform some sort of research and finding on products online before shopping. Indian internet users prefer online shopping because they can easily research and compare products, read reviews and able to find best deal very easily. If you wish to start a successful eCommerce business for Indian internet users, you need to educate yourself about all of the necessary steps you need to take to start an online business or the best you can hire an eCommerce consultant before starting business for ...

  • Start eCommerce Business In India

    Due to big advantages of electronic commerce ( e-Commerce ), many people are asking to start own eCommerce business. But how to start? What steps should I take? As objective of this topic is to guide new traders on the steps to take to start your own business. Following all this are easy step you should need to workout for an successful eCommerce project, You may also hire an eCommerce Consultancy from for successful setup, efficient and robust planning of your business : Step 1 : Clearly define your business objectives  and Hire eCommerce Consultant In ...

  • Successful Online Marketing Wants Expert Consultant

    Online marketing has become established in the Indian business world - nearly 47% of companies are now on online marketing, either they are in eCommerce or in offline business. Almost half of the companies continue to rely on traditional channels. The expected differences arising between B2B - and B2C companies. While business-to-Costumer companies operate primarily social media marketing, prefers the majority of business-to-business companies, especially public relations and print mailing. Success of online marketing depends on the experienced and proper research on your ...

  • Effective eCommerce Social Marketing

    Effective eCommerce Social Marketing Social media has opened up a big opportunity: to engage directly with customers to understand what motivates and interests them, and not least to increase the amount of audience for your content. But it is also very possible that often the biggest problem. When marketing budget and resources are tight, how will you focus? How can you be sure that the right message gets out to the right audience ...

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