Project Management

Project Management

What is a well run project?

Projects should fit with business strategy, be clearly defined and bring specific benefits to your business and successful project management .

A well run project, achieved through strong project management involves planning, communications, handling budgets and keeping a balance between the key parameters of time, cost and quality.

What are the key benefits of using a Chitrangana® Business project manager?

The project manager is often viewed as a balancing mechanism, being responsible for time, cost and quality.

Chitrangana’s Business Project Managers are expertise in following jobs :


  • Comprehensively plan all elements of the project
  • Control costs, quality and efficiency effectively
  • Control the project thoroughly, gaining the trust and support of colleagues
  • Engage the project team in decision making – boosting both productivity and trust
  • Structure tasks in logical and correct order
  • Solve problems and contingency plan
  • Stay focused on results.

We are able to provide highly capable project managers, available to handle part or full project lifecycle. We have experience of successful delivery of large, complex multi-stakeholder projects management, although we will project manage any business development, change or IT project whatever the size, particularly where this is the result of consultancy services provided by Chitrangana® Business Consultancy.

Formal project management methodologies such as PRINCE2 are available providing robust, dependable frameworks which minimise risk and exposure on bigger projects. Rating: ★★★★★ (9.1 out of 10) Total votes: 287 (152 reviews)