Database Design

Database Design provides database design and development services especially in India, Singapore, Dubai and USA .

In a transaction based economy, information is everywhere. Marketing and sales information about clients, prospective clients, competitors, your products, their products, relationships, financing – it’s all available, and could be used to build your business. It’s difficult to compete effectively without the proper tools to manage that information. Yet frequently, businesses are unable to harness that information because they don’t have the technical expertise to systematically harvest it, and selectively analyze the useful parts.

We are experts in database design and database programming using client-server technology. Microsoft SQLServer and Oracle databases are capable of handling literally trillions of pieces of information about your business and its environment and delivering analyses of them at lightning-like speed at roughly the cost of a new TV set. We know how to exchange information to and from the internet using that database technology, and present that information extremely well-packaged, tailored, and focused to management, or clients, or vendors.


Data Modeling
Interface Design
Web & Client Server
Workflow & User Analysis
Capacity Strategy
Migrate Legacy Systems & Data
Post Implementation Review
Customer Relationship Management
Content Management
Sales & Marketing
Accounting & Budgeting
Modeling & Forecasting
Finance and Markets
Quality Control
Messaging & eMail
Private Equity
Financial Services
NFP (Non Profit)
Consumer Goods


Managing database projects is one of our major strengths.
Over the past 20 years, we have managed all phases of database projects for our clients. During that time, we have been an integral part of development of the technology that has revolutionized the information business. Our databases have been used to support a broad cross-section of business applications over a number of industry categories.

Business Knowledge and Technical Maturity
Because we have provided technological leadership in so many diverse business environments, we bring an uncommon perspective of institutional wisdom to our clients who are exploring powerful methods in managing the information parts of their businesses. We strongly believe that information technology must model and support the business, rather than the reverse. By that we mean that the process of acquiring and harvesting meaningful data needs to be integrated into the workflow of your business so that it saves effort. It also means that data must be summarized and presented thoughtfully to assist management in running the business. In short, we talk your language!

Technological Diversity
We believe that it is important to fit the tool to the job, and have managed projects using mainframe databases, such as DB2, and RDB, industrial strength modern database managers such as SQL Server, MySQL, Informix, and Oracle, and smaller less capable database desktop packages such as FoxPro, and Microsoft Access. But, whatever the project involves, be it a single stand-alone desktop application, or one with complex multi-tiered client-server architecture, or an Internet based e-commerce site, we guarantee a robust, secure, carefully planned, and well-designed product.

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