E-learning Consultant

E-learning Consultant

E-learning Consultant

Simplified solutions for your e-learning business, school or university.

We bring fresh thinking and innovation to design e-learning solutions that deliver business results.

Our e-learning solutions range from 20-minute rapid e-learning modules, to very large custom or bespoke e-learning solutions; and from hosted online learning portals to capability building with internal teams.

We’re passionate about how learning and technology can improve performance. We’ve got the design and delivery experience to make things happen fast. As one of the leading e-learning companies we are committed to helping our clients succeed with their performance and learning goals.


  • We are the first India to offer Dokeos solutions on our own VPS platform
  • Over 100 customers trust their business or schools with us
  • Fantastic support 24/7
  • Successful Implementation

Our Consultancy Can Add Value to Your Business

Our reputation for honesty extends to turning down consultancy work rather than struggling to undertake a task we aren’t capable of delivering.

Our deep understanding of project delivery means we can add more value to your business through a successful project than management consultants could.

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