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About Us

Chitrangana ® is a Business and Information Technology consultancy working with its clients to drive growth and innovation through best use of digital channels.

Chitrangana ® was established by Mr. Ashok Lodha in 1989

We consult on digital, social and mobile strategies, provide support for campaigns and implementation projects and develop measurement models to track success.

We having 65+ highly experienced consultants from all over the world.

In a world where there’s no more business as usual, and technology continues to change the ways in which people work, transact, learn, are entertained and communicate with one another, we do our best to ensure our clients are equipped with the insights, direction, skills and networks to evolve, innovate and thrive in the future.

Chitrangana ® Business operates in a service-led, professional manner and is an active member of the following organisations:

  • Institute of Directors (IoD) : We are pleased to support the Young Directors Forum
  • Institute of Business Consulting : we are a Fellow of the Institute, Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and operate to the Institute’s Code of Professional Practice.
  • Association of Proposal Management Professionals : we are a Member of the Association of Project Management Professionals.

eCommerce Consulting

We are also a Member for the CMC qualification, supporting other consultants and practices to achieve this internationally acclaimed benchmark of consultancy excellence. The CMC is the highest accolade available to professional consultants. It is the endorsement of a competent, confident and credible consultant.

Clients range from start-ups, though to small family firms with a turnover in excess of USD 1 million and up to International companies turning over USD 100 million plus.

Why We Are Different

eCommerce Consulting

We are not a big multinational firm of accountants. We are a small central team with Consultants nationally who are experts in their field, from ex-bankers who know how to get Small Firms Loans to trained Consultants in Business Strategy and qualified Search Engine Marketeers.

Above all, we have a “get things done” attitude and try to be creative in problem solving for our clients.

Where We Are Located

eCommerce Consulting

We have Consultants based throughout the India for Business, Information Technology and Internet Marketing and have clients from a small cyber cafe chain to India’s biggest engineering company. We had consultancy and speaking engagements abroad, from India to Newyork.

We Our Head Office is near Indore in India.

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