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  • XML: A Key Powerful Software Technology to Grow Your Business and Engage Your Customers

    Summary:XML technology enables a host of new web techniques which enable B2B applications, RSS web feeds, and AJAX client side interactive web experiences. Collectively, these modern web techniques provide a more rewarding user experience and promote a closer engagement with the customer. XML and its related languages and envelopes will likely continue to be exploited to even greater effect in the web communication between buyers and sellers, vendors and clients. This article is intended to describe the functionality of that technology, and to suggest ways that users might be able to employ techniques enables by XML to grow their business and better engage and serve their customers. Chitrangana, India has in depth experience in the construction and implementation of this and similar techniques.XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a very important and key technology in today’s internet, and other applications involved in the smooth transfer of data between computers. As a markup language, it bears a family resemblance to other similarly named languages, most notably HTML or HyperText Markup Language. HTML is the language of the internet which allows web pages to be displayed and formatted in multiple browser configurations with the two-fold objectives of flexible formatting (to allow layouts to ...

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