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  • 5 tips to get started in eCommerce

    The e-commerce sales in India has grown by 29.75% from 2012 to 2013. Online commerce is booming and there is no end in sight: Even in 2014 anticipates the three digit growth. Smaller dealers in Indian retail store often have difficulty is against the online competition, offering the goods often cheaper and always available. Therefore, many traders think, to take the step into the Internet and even sell online - in addition to the retail store or even instead. However, a good steady dealer is not automatically a good online retailers. Mr. Anand Seth (Chief Executive Consultant, eCommerce) of Chitrangana.com mention five tips that a retailer should need to consider to step in the e-commerce.Select your product and category carefully Even if a product sells well in the store, that's no guarantee that it will be a big hit online. According to the Chitrangana's E-Commerce Research and Statistical Department (ERSD), the range is one of the key success factors in e-commerce. Beginning of the year and an international study commissioned by Chitrangana's ERSD confirmed that more than half of customers (64%) want a large assortment. Before a trader to his portfolio transfers into the net, he should examine ...

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