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Successful Online Marketing Wants Expert Consultant

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Chitrangana.com Internet Marketing ConsultantOnline marketing has become established in the Indian business world – nearly 47% of companies are now on online marketing, either they are in eCommerce or in offline business. Almost half of the companies continue to rely on traditional channels. The expected differences arising between B2B – and B2C companies. While business-to-Costumer companies operate primarily social media marketing, prefers the majority of business-to-business companies, especially public relations and print mailing.

Success of online marketing depends on the experienced and proper research on your internet marketing consultant.

The enormous importance of online marketing has a crucial task for the company. According Nitin Lodha, Consultant of Chitragana ( www.chitrangana.com ), especially well-educated professionals consultant and the understanding of the company to identify precisely this state of affairs, is mounting, from the increasing bookings of the certificate course “Marketing Manager” The Social Media Academy is seen. Not until the end of September this organized a themed week on “Online Marketing”, in which, among other studies, interviews, surveys, and articles on the subject on the company’s blog, Facebook, Twitter and Google + have been published.

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