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Effective eCommerce Social Marketing

Effective eCommerce Social Marketing

eCommerce Social Media Marketing

eCommerce Social Media Marketing

Social media has opened up a big opportunity: to engage directly with customers to understand what motivates and interests them, and not least to increase the amount of audience for your content.

But it is also very possible that often the biggest problem. When marketing budget and resources are tight, how will you focus?

How can you be sure that the right message gets out to the right audience through the right channel, and that the overall approach is coordinated and consistent?

The main issue is perhaps that when your social marketing activities are spread across many media, as well as your own website, how can you monitor and measure the impact of these activities?

It is not new questions: They have busy marketers for years now, and with the arrival of new social media (last year Google+ this year Pint Rest) is not less important.

The challenge is to plan and implement campaigns that deliver great results without spending more money and time on them.

It is easier said than done. As we see it, it can be broken down into five different challenges:

First Segmentation of the social

media platforms Take your chosen platforms and share them into the two levels. For each, you must learn and understand how to best use the features and options available on each of the platforms.

You should devise campaigns and / or adapt existing campaigns for each platform and ensure that specific content and messages are aimed at both the network you are using and your audience.

Second Effective content management

In order to ensure an effective social media ROI, you need that your content work harder than you do. For each additional channel your content comes out on (successfully), increase the value and effectiveness.

Good content can be cut into cubes and reused many times. So when you have spent time and effort to create it, make sure that it’s going to work across all relevant platforms.

3rd Create the best possible use of available resources and time

This requires that you have a good understanding of the “social” mature your organization, both at group level but also at the individual employees.

To get the organization through social media maturity curve from “Monitoring” and “Push” to “Reach” and “Engagement” will help to create better results, but will also create new challenges.

4th Measuring Campaign Effectiveness

The first step here is to ensure that you have adopted a strategy of measuring its effectiveness, which allows you to benchmark the results you get and compare them across channels and networks.

The second step is to take the results of this measurement, and actually turn it into action.

5th Let technology work for you

The feeling of information overload is common for marketers these days. Creating and distributing content is a time consuming process. It is about finding ways in which technology can make a difference and save you time so you can focus on the places where human input will be most beneficial. Rating: ★★★★★ (9.1 out of 10) Total votes: 287 (152 reviews)