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  • 2019-20, India’s eCommerce Industry Report, Survey & Projection

    India's eCommerce industry is all set to dazzle by double-digit growth even in a difficult economy state, 2019-2020The global eCommerce expert, Chitrangana.com; assures the upward growth shine for the eCommerce industry with the actual numbers and the deep surveys even after admitting one of the biggest slowdowns of a decade. The consultancy claims, the eCommerce B2C alone is capable rising eCommerce industry with the wondrous growth. The growth will order multi fold upon inclusion of service, hyperlocal and B2B segment.The eCommerce industry in India is predicted to ...

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  • O2O Commerce Is The Next Retail Revolution In India

    DESPITE boasting of the world’s largest consumer base for eCommerce, online shopping portals contribute to only 4% of India’s total retail business. A recent study revealed that 96% of the marketplace prefers the traditional, offline shopping experience. Industry experts believe customers rely upon personal interaction and real time product information before making a payment. Even in metros and tier 1 cities, eCommerce portals contribute to only 22% of total retail sales. This low number can be attributed to reluctance of customers to trust online payment methods, undue shipping charges, the lack of installation assistance, and difficulty to operate without technology, ...

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