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24 percent of eCommerce traffic comes from mobile devices

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The enthusiasm for mobile shopping via smartphones and tablets growing rapidly. Meanwhile, 24 percent of traffic comes in eCommerce from mobile devices. The recent research by Chitrangana’s consultant said which is a fascinating insight into the current state of m-commerce.

The research is a collaboration of the company’s Indian eCommerce consultation department and CatMarket Inc, UK . They analyzed data from approximately 74 million online shoppers who visited the Chitrangana’s clients customers websites this year. Its internationality and the sheer amount of data revealed a close look at the global distribution of m-commerce.

eCommerce and M-Commerce: India as a pioneer of mobile commerce

Since all the underlying data of web pages are caused by Chitrangana for mobile optimized shopping, it is possible above-average results. Given the widespread use of mobile devices but the final figures still seem realistic. Pioneers of m-commerce are therefore countries like India, Brazil and South Korea. With more than 30 percent of the traffic in e-commerce but also the UK and the U.S. show above average.

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